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My name is Kristin, and I am the founder of Apparition Jewellery.  I am also the lead artist and creator behind the brand.  As such, each item you see here has been crafted by my very own hands.  Drawing, painting, music, designing, dancing and writing have been hobbies and interests of mine for years.  Having been raised to be creative and artistic, none of these have left my interest even to this day.


I first began making jewellery with a friend around 2010, and it was only 8 years later that I decided to try my hand at wire jewellery, as I had seen so many gorgeous pieces I wanted to make.  Short story - I sucked at it!  It didn't come naturally to me at all and I didn't enjoy it much, sadly. However, through all this frustration and mess came inspiration.  I looked over the scraps of my attempted crafts, and tried putting a piece of jewellery together a different way.  Little did I know the road that one action would lead me down!

I had only ever heard of chainmaille once before, and that was through an acquaintance, although I never really paid much attention to what she was actually doing at the time. With my leftover wire jewellery supplies, I started with piecing together a few jumprings (the metal rings that are used to create chainmaille).  When I checked online to look for more references, I saw that an earring design I had created was in fact a chainmaille weave!  From then on I just wanted to learn more and more about this amazing craft.  And from that came my love for scalemaille, another form of my artistic expression.


After a year of steady hard work, literal blood, and a lot of determination, I still have so much more to learn!  I have grown so much in my craft, however, there is a lot I would like to create and achieve.  I have done interviews, have my work sold on Hello Pretty and Deviant South, plus I have my website.  For the most part, I've done it all myself, and loved every minute of it.  There have been rough moments and pushback here and there, but all of it has simply made me stronger.  I would absolutely say that chainmaille and scalemaille are my passions.  My business is my passion.  This is what I truly love doing, and I won't stop!  There is so much more to come from Apparition, and I look forward to having you along for the journey.

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